Com. D. P. Chadha (01.09.1928 – 23,09.1996) Com. D P Chadha was born on 1st Sept. 1928. A Graduate in economics, in 1945, he joined the Punjab National Bank Ltd as a clerk at Bombay. Thereafter, he joined the Bharat Bank Ltd at Delhi and was transferred to Lahore in 1946. He rejoined the Punjab National Bank during April 1948. He was one of the participants of great historic strike for 49 days launched under the leadership of Com. H.L. Parvana in 1951. Along with around 150 comrades, he was also dismissed and after 9 years of suffering, he rejoined duty in 1959 when the Supreme Court reinstated 138 dismissed employees. He was instrumental in organizing the employees in the Punjab National Bank at Bombay. In 1948 itself, he became a Joint Secretary of the Union and also a Joint Secretary for the Bombay Bank Employees Federation. In 1960, he became a Joint Secretary for the Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation. In the same year, he became Assistant Secretary for the All India Punjab National Bank Employees Federation. From 1975 onwards, he had become the General Secretary of this Federation. In 1962, he was elected as the President of the Maharashtra State Bank Employees’ Federation, and continued as such till his death. At the Pune conference of AIBEA in 1968, he became the President. He continued as such till 1980 when during the Allahabad Conference, he was elected as Secretary of AIBEA. Again in 1985, at the 20th Conference, he was elected as President of AIBEA. He continued in this position until his unfortunate demise on 23rd Sept.1996. Under his leadership, the All India Punjab National Bank Employees’ Federation launched many struggles and the strike actions and secured a number of benefits for the employees. At the AIBEA level, he always has been one of the main negotiators for bi-partite settlements with the bankers. He has also been associated with Trade Unions in the Insurance sector, Government Sectors and other areas in Bombay, where he used to be a frequent speaker. On behalf of AIBEA, he has also appeared before various committees and commissions and had attended many seminars. In 1972, he has attended the Trade Union International Conference at Moscow, as a member of the delegation from AIBEA. In 1993, he had participated in the conference of WFTU as a delegate. A powerful orator, Com. Chadha for over 40 years had led movement with dedication, commitment and devotion. He passed away on 23rd Sept.1996 at Madras, after a second bypass surgery.