Our Beacon Light


Com. C.S. SUBRAMANIAN, theMatchless leader of the Bank Employees movement in Canara Bank under the might banner of ALL INDIA BANK EMPLOYEES’ ASSOCIATION.

Com. C S, as he was affectionately called, by all bank employees strode our scene like a colossus for well over two decades, imparting a fine touch to all that he did for bank employees.

Born at Chittoor in North Arcot District of Tamilnadu on 21.12.1928, Com C S had his primary education at Trichy and Salem. He took his Intermediate course at Central College, Salem.

On joining the Bank, Com C S came under the spell of continuous thinking and constant efforts to fight the ills that affected bank employees, especially in Canara Bank during the 1950s. With the founding of Canara Bank Employees’ Union on 10.5.1951 after the initial efforts of some employees in Madras during the year 1949 to present the case of Canara Bank Employees before the Sen Tribunal, the Bank Employees’ Movement started gaining ground in our Bank.

Around this time during 1952 Com C.S. came to Madras and immediately started engaging himself entirely to contribute for galvanizing bank employees’ movement. From this time onwards moving closely with activists of the movement. Com. C S slowly and surely began contributing to the dominance of Bank Employees’ Movement. From this period the Bank Employees’ movement was geared up in our Bank as elsewhere under the mighty efforts of AIBEA, to organise the bank employees’ movement in the country.

From the position of an activist, in the process of consolidating the movement of our Bank, he rose to the position of General Secretary, steering the Union in right path, steeling the membership, providing a firm and bold leadership fighting the disruptive forces more than once. The era of Com C S saw the rise of our Union in all spheres. The Union ably led by Com C S played its part in every walk of social and cultural life of the Canara Bank Employees. During this period the service conditions of employees in Canara bank were regulated through various settlements and our Union strode its course majestically along with the National Organisation, AIBEA. The era of Com C S as the General Secretary of Canara Bank Employees’ Union was the period of during which the Canara bank Employees started identifying more and more and more with AIBEA and contributed whole-heartedly to the Bank Employees’ movement under the banner of AIBEA.

He was associated with the Tamilnadu Bank Employees’ Federation under the banner of AIBEA from its inception till he breathed his last. He was also the cherished leader of the Pandyan Bank Employees from 14-4-1960.

As a Joint Secretary of Tamilnadu Bank Employees’ Federation, as a Central Committee Member of AIBEA, as General Secretary of Bank of Thanjavoor Employees’ Union and as organizer and leader of the Co-operative Bank Employees’ Movement in Tamilnadu, his enduring work for consolidating AIBEA in other Banks stood him out as a true person to the cause of AIBEA and endeared hime to the Bank Employees in India. His advice was ever sought by scores of Unions and he was ever present when required. The lead and initiative shown by com C S during the merger of small banks with Canara Bank to ensure the interests of employees of the those banks also earned allround admiration.

The role of Com C S from the commencement of the years of participative management as a Director in our Bank’s Board of Directors from 1971 to 1981, earned the appreciation of one and all. His capacity to positively contribute without mixing up the roles to the growth of our institution has no parallel.

Such a long and dedicated tenure of the gem of movement was chequered in the later years by ill-health caused mostly by wide travel and continued struggle for the cause of workers.

Com C S a voracious reader, with complete self effacement could present the Bank Employees with objective analysis of many matter, inspiring and informative expositions.

He also served the cause of fighting for world peace involving himself in the peace movement, reflecting his faith on the necessity of struggle for World peace as one of the primary task of working class.

The lovable looks of his, the enduring and healing touch of approach and his versatile qualities made even the critics adore and admire his leadership qualities full measure.

The dedication of Com C S to the working class movement was to such an extent that bestowing proper attention to the family was not possible. Com C S’s involvement was immense that he could not present at the time of death of his beloved wife. His untimely death has left his aged parents and the little children of his a bear the agony. The sufferings of the family members of Com C S on his sudden demise are beyond description.

His work remains, work that could be matchless and letting, always full of deep meaning of nuances, of words sounds and silence, enthusing one and all of the CBEU membership to hold the mantle aloft at all times to come.

16-11-1982 was a sad day for the employees in Canara Bank, for this day plucked away from their midst the beacon light of their movement, the architect of dominance of Canara Bank Employees’ Union Com. C.S. Subramaniam.

The Union placed on records his invaluable services and expressed its respectful homage, for the titan of our movement, the champion of bankmen’s cause, the avenger of bankmen’s wounds, the embondiment of their inspiration, the ablest negotiator on the painful tragedy of his demise.

Though death could snatch the mortal of Com C S, his dedicated work which is indelible, shall be the guiding factor for the CBEU in enabling its entire membership to move unitedly and cohesively to ensure all round dominance of CBEU in all times to come. Rededicating ourselves to tread his path is the glowing tribute to the everlasting memory of the dedicated humanist and befitting reverence to the indelible prints of his memory.